Manjano Zuri Time to March

Done building castles in the air.

Manjano Zuri Time to March
Time to March – Courtesy of Pinterest

So today is the day I begin living my dream; March 2018, out with the comfort!

Ever heard a new mum say, ‘my baby introduced me to myself’ and you are like, what do you mean? Don’t you know who you are? Well that was me until just recently when I realized that statement was so true.

5 months in post pregnancy and I feel stuck in a rut with my day job. My work is so routine I could do it with my eyes closed while trekking on the Great Wall of China. No excitement, no new challenge, no motivation, no nothing!! Why I’m I rambling about this? I have let my dream and passion of becoming an Interior Stylist be nothing but just a dream. I gawk at Sophie Robinson’s colorful designs, Sarah Akwisombe’s blog and Farah Merhi’s IG page and go like, ‘wow this is what I’ve always wanted to do’. I got too comfortable cheering on from the sidelines instead of taking that leap of faith and just doing it.

Well it’s now safe to say, I’m done being bereft of myself and my passion. I’m not sure if African folks tell their kids to follow their dreams but I will. My daughter won’t ask me what my dream job was and I tell her it remained as is; just a dream. NOPE..that won’t be me. (Please note this is not a dig at any mums who haven’t pursued their dreams yet or didn’t get a chance to. I’m talking for myself). I might not be doing my dream job 9 to 5 everyday, but it doesn’t hurt to start from somewhere and build myself up.

I’m sure there are many out there who feel the same. Get inspired today honey; go on and get uncomfortable until you are out of the comfort zone and do what you love! You owe it to yourself.



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