Mid Century Modern

What rings in your mind when you hear Mid Century Modern style? For me it’s timeless, bold and daring. I mean who would have thought a design movement from roughly 1930s to 1960s would be so popular even in the 21st Century? It is not forced; it blends well with anything and everything; when done right, Mid Century Modern style is the Idris Elba of the décor world; everyone wants a piece of that! J

There are 5 things that you should know about this style;

  • Original mid-century modern pieces are freaking expensive most of the time. So instead of overspending on Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames pieces, get at least one or two statement pieces to set the vibe.
  • With this style, there is no need to over indulge in decorative elements. The Mid Century Modern style is a classic, an understated look with clean lines and minimal fuss. Add wallpaper with geometric shapes or hang framed abstract posters to add color to the space. Pastels especially pale pink and neutrals never go out of style.
  • ‘Go big or go home’ that is my motto when it comes to light fixtures. Hang a huge one in the room to make it bold. One statement light fixture is enough for maximum impact.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Do this by incorporating organic material such as natural timber and stone. Don’t be afraid to mix Mid Century with pieces from other eras. Let your furniture speak for you.
  • Finally, the room must be functional and do your best to be clutter free.

Remember to do your homework before you make any investments. Look for country of manufacture – Japan, Denmark, America, Italy are often authentic midcentury. If you are looking to incorporate this style for the first time, then there are 3 pieces that can make or break a space. These are a lamp, an arm chair and a credenza.

Here are some of my favorite Mid Century Modern pieces;

Rustic Room

Style at Home




Amber Interiors

I’d have a hard time choosing one look to run with in my own home, if given the chance. I love them all.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know!


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