How to pick the perfect accent chair

Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out because it compliments a room’s décor. Its role goes beyond function; accent chairs are meant to draw out a color, complement the décor and add contrast to spice up a boring monotone space. They are perfect for adding personality to your space. There is a lot to consider before making this important purchase;

  • Chairs’ use
  • Placement
  • Size
  • Suitable fabric and color
  • Style preference

This post will guide you on how to pick the right accent chair for you. Let’s do this!

  1. Use

When you have the purpose of the chair nailed down to a T, then this will help you decide on the fabric, comfort level and style. Ask yourself, do you want a piece of furniture that will not so often be used to provide color in an entryway or a seat where you sink in and throw your legs up binge watching Netflix?


2. Placement

Depending on the overall layout of the space, try and arrange the furniture in such a way to optimize face to face conversations. The accent chairs can be opposite the main sofa or split with one chair on the right and the other on the left side. Or you can also place the accent chairs opposite each other with the coffee table in between them. This applies where there is no sectional or a sofa.


3. Size

Size and placement go hand in hand. Make sure the accent chairs relate in size and scale with the furniture already in place in the space. If the proportions are off it won’t matter if the accent chairs are stylish; the space will be uninviting and unpleasant. Use the height of the sectional or main sofa to determine the size of the accent chair that you need. This way, the chairs will fit well without overpowering the space in the room. Additionally, the shape of the chair allows multiple comfortable seating positions. For more comfort, throw in some accent pillows.


4. Fabric & Color

Your accent chair may be the perfect way to bring in more pops of color in a neutral room. Look at other elements and tones in the room when picking color and pick one to create consistency and color pattern. Or if you are like me and not afraid of saturated colors or mixing prints and patterns, then select an accent chair that speaks to you in this manner. Remember to keep one hue as a consistent, harmonious factor. The type of material also influences the vibe the accent chair provides. Woven textiles are best for comfort and style. Leather and velvet feel warm and inviting. Metals and plastic give off a cold vibe.


5. Style

It is crucial to think about how you want to use the chair in the space before picking out a style. When you have that figured out, then you can focus on the pizzazz appeal. Release your inner creative weirdo and feel free to mix and match styles. The best styled spaces are where people broke the design rules (I think there is such a saying .. YES? I DIGRESS). However, listen to your instincts if you think the chair will look awkward in the space. There are several styles you can experiment with from Chic and Sophisticated to Boho to even Playful (yes, why not?)

I hope this gives you a much needed insight in picking that accent chair that you’ve been longing for. Let me know what you think and leave a comment below.


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