9 ways to make your brown sofa stand out.

How do you style a space with a brown sofa without it feeling like a man cave? For many months, I have been wanting to switch up my grey sectional for a brown sofa but I had no idea on how to style it. I used to think brown furniture was always boring, tired and out dated. Well that changed when I came across Lexi Westergard’s Instagram page. She has paired her brown sofa with colorful throw pillows in a well-lit room and every detail about the space brightens up so well.

I have pulled some images of rooms that will prove brown doesn’t have to be boring or basic. After seeing these images, you will be looking at your sofa in a new way. Let’s do this!


Brown is a neutral color, so it works with just about any other color.


Add in accents like area rugs, throw pillows and accessories to add desirable contrast in the room.


Leather adds great texture, softness and color to a room.

Collected Interiors

Do you notice green is a common denominator in most spaces with brown? It goes with anything and illuminates everything around it.

Christen Ales Interior Design

White walls and wooden floors work well with brown sofas such as the one in the above picture.

Luciana Engel Arquitetura

The floral rug and throw pillows give life to the sofa.

Oliver Simon Design

I love the poster above the couch; I’d have this in my house. It can be challenging styling a large brown sofa but the accessories and throw pillows break up all the dark leather in the above space.


This picture stays bookmarked in my Instagram, Pinterest, browser history you name it. I love how everything comes together in this space in such a harmonious way.


In the space above the brown sofa is paired with an upholstered grey sofa, how genius is this?

There are endless options for styling your brown sofa so don’t throw it out yet. I am going to use these tips to style my next brown sofa, how about you? Let me know what you think and drop a comment below.


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