Creative ways to turn your coffee tins into spice jars.

I have been looking for glass jars to store my spices for God knows how long. I wanted those fancy clip top glass jars but every time I saw some, they were too pricey and not on sale. So, on this particular day, my friends had visited from Nairobi and wanted to buy a few niceties from Marikiti (market). That is downtown Mombasa.

While strolling around the place, a kind gentleman pointed out the shop and assured us that they had original spices. When you enter the shop, the aroma of the spices is what hits you. There’s a gentleman who welcomes you and gives you a tour of the shop and introduces you to the spices. They have all that you could think of, black pepper, pilau masala, fish masala, chicken masala, paprika, cinnamon I could go on and on.

The spices are displayed in sacks and all you do is say how many grams you want of your favorite spice. Upon the end of the tour, the gentleman points out a nut shaped looking thing and says this is ‘good for you and your husband when you want him to last a long time’. The nut shaped thing is called kukumanga. I have no idea what it’s called in English but apparently, it’s natural Viagra. Take it with original coffee, (which the shop sells) one hour before you get intimate and then BOOM!!! You’ll have an all-nighter!

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the shop and the spices but I’ll be going back there pretty soon and I’ll make sure I take photos and share with you guys. So now because I didn’t buy any spices on that day, I was still stuck with the dilemma of having not so original spices in plastic containers. So, one day after having my morning coffee at work, I asked our Office Assistant what he usually does with the empty Nescafe coffee jars. He then pointed out to one of the kitchen cabinets that had probably 30 to 40 empty Nescafe coffee jars. My eyes and smile have never been wider! I took 10 of them and decided to turn them into my spice jars.

Nescafe coffee doesn’t really have a strong smell, but you wouldn’t want your paprika tasting like coffee, now would you? To get rid of the smell, I filled them with warm water and soaked them in a sauce pan full of water. This way, removing the stickers from the coffee jars was very easy. Afterwards, I let them dry as I proceeded to write on my labels. Have a look and see how it all turned out.

Spices in their retail containers

Before soaking in water.

After soaking.

Labeling the stickers that will go on the spice jars

Labelled stickers placed on spice jars. Neat, right?

Fancy a little cinnamon for your bun?

My new and improved spice jars!!

If you have glass jars with either coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, spaghetti sauce, don’t throw it out. This project literally only cost me Ksh.500 ($5) and that’s for the labels only. It is by far, my best DIY project yet; being a DIY newbie.

Do you recycle? What’s your favorite thing about DIY? Let me know in the comment section below.



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