How to have a functional and organized pantry.

It’s a few minutes past midnight on 2nd January, 2019 and I have just watched the first episode of Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. A few days ago, I was rummaging through Pinterest looking for ideas on how to organize my kitchen and I came across a pin byΒ Katrina Hassan that said something like, ‘organizing your home the KonMari method’. I took interest in the pin because first, what is KonMari method? Secondly, my kitchen needs redemption. Don’t get me wrong, my kitchen is not that bad – I just have a lot of stuff and little to no space for them.

So the KonMari method is basically how to clean up your home once and never do it again. Sounds too good to be true, right? I know. Especially in a home with kids, this sounds very utopian.

However, when you watch the first episode of her newly released series on Netflix, you will actually see that the KonMari method is very much achievable – even in a home full of kids. P.S, this is not a sponsored post. I am just a smitten fan of what Marie Kondo does after discovering her the last week of 2018.

Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, best selling author and founder of KonMari Media Inc. She started her tidying consultant business at the age of 19. How awesome is that? What were you doing at 19? I was in my first year of Uni with no focus, direction nor motivation in life. Thank God, I am done with that phase. You can read more about Marie Kondo and her genius KonMari method here

I had been planning to tidy up my pantry for a while now because I would get a headache just from looking at it. So while my daughter took her afternoon nap earlier yesterday, I got down to business. I didn’t use step by step process of the KonMari method, but I tried to apply what I learnt (still learning).

This is how my pantry looked like every single day.

I removed everything and placed them on the floor. This is actually a step in the KonMari method; remove everything from the particular room that you are de-cluttering, pick out each item one by one, hold it and figure out if it sparks joy in you.

These are cupboard/drawer liners that I recently got because I grew tired of using old newspapers to line the inside part of my drawers. They are very light and have a foam like texture.

I had to measure the pantry shelves and then start cutting up the right size and shape to fit on the shelves. This was not an easy task and at some point I wanted to give in. But I didn’t !!

First shelf done. I was however disappointed that the liner didn’t lay flat unless I placed something heavy on it. Although I am hoping in due time, it will take shape and behave.

BPA FREE Plastic container.

So I learnt a useful hack from my friend just recently. Place a full chilli in your stored rice, sugar, flour etc and ants won’t be a bother. I didn’t believe it until I tried it and I have to say, I have not seen any ants at all. Now you know.


The final outcome. It’s not all the way perfect, because I realized later on that the liners’ width is smaller than the shelves but hey, it’s better than the eyesore it was before. We can perfect it later on.

So the basic foodstuffs took the top shelf, my daughter’s cereal and porridge went on the second shelf while the bottom shelf had dishcloths (in a container), breast pump parts (in a container), extra foodstuffs in zip lock bags and ketchup. Though I might have to move the ketchup.

I love how it turned out even though this is only part one of working on it. I’ll be making more and hopefully final improvements on it soon. Stay tuned for the reveal.

How are you organizing your pantries? Is de – cluttering taking a toll on you? Start small and incorporate easy steps such as the above and the results will be amazing. Do not pressure yourself for perfection. Do what works for you as long as it’s functional.

Happy New Year!!!



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