How to pick the right dining table like a Pro!

Picking the right dining table for you usually depends on the size of the dining space, your budget and style. Whether round, oval, square or rectangular, it pays to know which shape best suits your space and how to make the most out of the current table that you have. We are planning to update our dining room nook area and after reading up on home decor, new and old trends and great finds, I have put together tips that will have you and I picking the right dining table like a pro.  

Tip #1: Measure the dining room space.

<img src="how to pick the right dining table like a pro.jpg" alt="dining table shape and size guide">

Dining table size guide

Measure the space around the dining room. This is because you need to allow people to sit, move and get up freely and with ease from their seats. You don’t want a scenario where you feel sandwiched between the wall and the table. Next you should also measure the space between the table and any other piece of furniture in the same area. Any other piece of furniture could be a credenza/side board or a bench or a buffet table etc.

Tip #2: Table shape and size.


how to pick the right dining table. Round table with lazy susan

Round table with a lazy susan

Round tables are ideal for smaller spaces or homes that have no separate dining area space. Furthermore, they also create an intimate setting. With round tables, you may want to consider getting one that you can sit comfortably without touching elbows. As a result, a round dining table can be your solution for a smaller or square-shaped room. If you choose to have a larger round table, consider adding the convenience of a lazy susan at the center.

<img src="how to pick the right dining table.jpg" alt="rectangular dining table with matching chairs">

Rectangular table with matching chairs

Rectangular shaped tables are traditional but can also work in a modern setting. They work well in long and narrow rooms and also give way for traffic to flow with ease. My personal favorite would be a farmhouse rectangular shaped dining table. There’s something about farmhouse decor that lends a welcoming and warm feeling in a home. In addition to having a rectangular shaped table, you can add a bench on one or all sides of the table, and stash it under the table when not in use.

<img src="oval dining table.jpg" alt="oval shaped dining table">

<img src="oval dining table.jpg" alt="oval shaped dining table">

Oval shaped dining tables

Oval shaped tables are just as similar as round tables; they are ideal for smaller spaces. It has less surface area and occupies less space compared to rectangular table. Oval and round shaped tables are also baby friendly due to their rounded corners, therefore you don’t have to worry about your toddler getting injured. In addition to oval shaped tables having round corners, you can add a chair with ease if a last minute guest pops up.  If you’d like to introduce sharp angles elsewhere in the room, add a credenza or artwork. This normally does the trick.

<img src="square dining table.jpg" alt="square shaped dining table">

Square dining table

Square shaped tables belong in a square shaped room. Well at least, they look best in one. If you have a small group of people over, most of the time, then this kind of table is ideal. If you have a large group of people, then you can add another square table side to side or have a square table that can be expanded with leaves.

Tip #3: Picking the right dining chair for your dining table.

I know some of you might be asking, why would it matter what kind of chair I have in my dining room? I mean, it’s just a chair. Well my friend, your choice of dining chair does matter and I’ll show you how in 3 easy steps.


If you are going for a contemporary industrial look, metal chairs would do the trick. They are easy to clean and can be used in any other room when necessary.

Wooden chairs give off a traditional feel but depending how formal you want them to look, you can get a wooden chair with or without arms.

For a comfortable and relaxed look, go for upholstered chairs. You can add button tufting or padding depending on your liking.

Don’t be afraid to have a mix and match look. I’m talking about a table with whitewash finish and chairs with a rustic weathered feel. Get the room to contrast and have different textures.

Shape and Size

Dining chairs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Round or oval chairs work better with round shaped tables plus they can be mixed with other shapes in the room. Choose chairs that come in different heights to have an interesting layout. Make the head table chairs match each other in size and the rest in a different design. Mismatched dining chairs bring character and personality to a room. Tall head chairs help to fill the space in a large room.


When it comes to comfort, you need ask yourself whether you can sit for the next two hours on this seat without getting up. Consider who will be using the chair – if you have toddlers, a pregnant lady or a person with knee issues, then at least have one dining chair with arms. This will help them when sitting and getting up. Invest in a comfortable design, perhaps with deep cushioning and springs.

Here are a couple of my favorite dining table designs. I probably might end up having one of these custom made for our dining space. I’m already getting excited thinking about it.


Eclectic kitchen and dining space

<img src="picking the right dining table.jpg" alt="farmhouse dining table with bench">

Farmhouse decor vibes. I particularly love the bench

<img src="black and white dining space.jpg" alt="black and white modern dining space">

Black and white modern dining space

<img src="midcentury.jpg" alt="mid century modern dining table">

Mid Century Modern dining

<img src="minimalist.jpg" alt="square dining table">

Minimalism at its best

Well there you have it guys. I can confidently say, that with these few tips and tricks we are definitely on our way to styling our dining space. I hope this will be helpful and useful to you as well.

Which style do you think would suit your dining space? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow Manjano-Zuri on Instagram and Facebook.




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