10 exposed brick walls that will inspire your creativity.

Are exposed brick walls outdated? The first time I saw an exposed brick wall, my mother and I had gone to visit her Uncle up-country. Her Uncle lived in a house that was built in British colonial era in Fort Hall, present day Murang’a County.

The sight of an exposed brick wall amazed me as well as confused me. To me, it seemed the home was unfinished. Something must have happened and the constructors were unable to finish building. However, I loved the unfinished look. There was something unique about it that I did not see in other homes; in our home. That sight stayed with me to this day.

Exposed brick wall is a trend just like any other, so I wouldn’t be too quick to call it outdated. More often than not, exposed bricks are usually incorporated in Farmhouse and Industrial themed spaces. They create the feeling of texture, warmth, rustic and originality. In a nutshell, I’d say exposed brick walls have a historic-eclectic style.

Exposed brick walls look best on one featured wall; an accent wall. An accent wall that is well thought of and tastefully styled, has great merit and is more than enough. Here are 10 rooms with exposed brick walls that will have your creative juices flowing.

Gold and brick compliment each other so well
Exposed brick and stone create warm textures.


Brick wall features depicted by peel and stick wallpaper.
White faux brick design ideal for homes without exposed brick.


Exposed dark brick wall and metal accents
Dark brick and metal accents bring out the best in industrial design.


Home bar against exposed whitewash brick wall
Black and white accents in all its glory.


Bedroom with whitewash brick wall.
Grey and white undertones in an exposed brick wall bedroom.


Exposed brick wall in a kitchen
Gold accents and exposed brick give a unique textural look to any kitchen.


Warm textures are featured across the room.
The tribal art compliments the exposed brick wall.


Huge light fixtures always give a room an oomph.
The glamorous light fixture against the whitewashed brick wall makes the room very appealing.


The exposed red brick wall brings out the warmth in the room
The brick wall creates a sleek and chic look in this contemporary living room.


Exposed brick wall with graffiti
The living room is accentuated with a brick wall against the sofa.


You might be wondering, what if my home does not have an exposed brick wall? How can I achieve this look? Look no further sis, I got you!

I went searching for how to install faux brick in your home and came across a very easy tutorial that I think we will both benefit from. Below is an excerpt picked from the blog, Place of my Taste.

Materials you need for the faux brick wall project

  • faux brick paneling
  • table saw
  • measuring tape
  • construction adhesives
  • nail gun
  • screws (optional)
  • level 

Aniko, owner of the blog, Place of my Taste, as well as design and photographer lover, DIY-er, Stylist, among many other things, installed a faux brick paneling in her son’s big boy room and the outcome was genius! Read more about her son’s room makeover here.


faux brick wall
This faux brick wall is a bespoke creation reflecting style and personality.


Would you consider an exposed brick wall in you home? Drop a comment or two below.

I sure do hope this inspired you to get an idea of what to do with that wall in your home that seems like negative space, or if you want to try something new other than wall paper.

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Keep it Manjano!



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