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Glam your kitchen in any of these 10 design styles.

Most interior styling clients’ face the challenge of describing and defining their glam personal style. Reason being, not all of us are acquainted with interior styles and design. In basic Interior Design 101, there are an abundance of unique design styles and it can be unnerving to decrypt which style best suits you. Some people (myself included), prefer to mix the elements of several design styles to create their ideal look. I think it lends a space its personality. 

I think it’s very important to walk a client through the various interior styles there are and explain to them what each one of them entails. This way, a client is able to make an informed decision about their home.

Here are 10 design styles that you can use to glam your kitchen space.


Contemporary Style

Contemporary style kitchen
The white counter top and the shelves are giving me life.


Neutral shades are hugely incorporated in contemporary design style. I would definitely go for geometric prints and stripes. Just to lend the room some personality. You may opt to use bold solids, depending on your liking. Contemporary style is characterized by trendy looks, smooth, clean lines and unique furniture.


Eclectic Style

This kitchen is a thing of beauty
The green against the white tile backsplash is something I’d incorporate in my current kitchen.


Think of rich, deep hues and glamorous vibes. Eclectic style has a mixture of time periods, color and textures. It is chic and unifying. This particular kitchen gives me Hollywood regency vibes. The room has unifying themes and motifs. I feel the eclectic style here has married the old and new, antique and contemporary.


Industrial Style

Industrial style kitchen
I think out of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen really brings out the beauty and authenticity of industrial style.


Exposed bricks, metal pipes, a plethora of wooden surfaces and large windows are some of the signature elements that feature in industrial style. If you missed my recent blog post on Industrial Style, check it out here.


Coastal beach style

Coastal beach style kitchen
This kitchen looks calm and peaceful just like the ocean water.


Coastal style celebrates natural light, ocean hues, the color white, natural fabrics and materials. Everything about this style suggests a hot day at the beach sipping on cold drinks.


Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style kitchen
Very shabby chic.


Farmhouse style is shabby, smooth, consists of clean lines, iron rod and wooden surfaces. This style tends to rely on natural light and natural colors in soft tones.


Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style kitchen
Clean lines and smooth surfaces


The Scandinavian style movement flourished in the 1950s in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The appealing simplistic, minimalistic and functional elements in this style, helps it to stay trendy. Some of its distinctive features are neutral color pallets, clean lines, decluttered spaces and lots of natural light.


Traditional Style

Traditional style kitchen
Your new normal.


I feel like open plan kitchens have become the new traditional style. For instance, most developers here at the Coast (Kenya) have taken a liking to open plan kitchens. As a result, majority of the rental homes coming up, have open plan kitchens. Although, they seem to be the new normal, I do not find them baby friendly at all. This is because there is no door to separate the kitchen from the open dining or sitting space.

Traditional style boasts orderliness, harmony, classic art and rich tones. Like most design styles, traditional style can be mixed with other interior design styles to create a unique look and it appeals to all ages.


Victorian Style

Victorian Style kitchen
This makes me want to watch re-runs of Downton Abbey and the Crown.


Victorian style comes from the Victorian era. Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901. You can read more about this here. The use of rich, warm, deep color tones, mahogany and walnut, marble, velvet, vintage fabrics, plush upholstery and lots of rugs are classified as the distinct and common features of the Victorian style.


Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern style kitchen
This kitchen was definitely designed with Betty from Mad Men in mind.


Mid Century Modern happens to be my all time favorite design style. There is a lot of hippie influence, freedom and self-expression and bourgeois vibes. If you missed my blog post on Mid Century Modern Style, check it out here.


Small Kitchen Style

Small style kitchen
Perfect example of how to make a small kitchen work for you.


Small kitchens are not necessarily a style movement. All the same, this shows you how to maximize the space you have for storage, function and how to make a small space appear bigger. I am definitely taking lessons from this.

Last but not least, there are more interior styles other than the 10 featured above. However, do let me know in the comment section below, which one of the above you would adopt to glam your kitchen and why. Feel free to share, like and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

As always, for all your Interior Styling tips and tricks, keep it Manjano!


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