Styling a small entryway

10 Pinterest worthy looks for your small entryway.

I am all about having a dazzling and impressive entryway – but how do you make a small entryway look stunning? The entryway is the first impression perceived when entering a home. Normally, it is easy not to pay any attention to entryways – they are most likely to be overlooked or for some, they are non-existent.  However, this should not hold you back from creating an impressive entryway space for your home. It is very easy to style a small entryway and I am here to show you how.

Think of your small entryway space like someone you are trying to woo. First impressions go a long way. It may sound cheesy or like it is a lot of work, but it is easier said than done and I am going to show you how to transform a small entryway into the grandest of them all.

Before we delve in deeper, you may be asking yourself what exactly is an entryway? What is the difference between a hallway, a foyer and a corridor? Is an entryway found outside the front door or inside the home?


An entryway is an opening allowing entry into a structure. (Source: Wikipedia)

A foyer is an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially in a hotel. (Source: Oxford dictionary)

Corridor is defined as a long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms. (Source: Oxford dictionary)

A hallway in a house or an apartment is the area just inside the front door, into which some of the other rooms open. (Source: Collins dictionary)

Now that we have the definitions and differences clarified, you can easily tell what you have in your home. Whether you have a narrow and small entryway or no entryway at all, there are ways to make your small space work for you both efficiently and aesthetically.

Here are 5 simple but yet important things to consider when you are about to style a small entryway and make it memorable;

  1. Size and symmetry

Create symmetry by bringing order to your entryway. Consider the size and number of the accessories. It’s always a good idea to use multiples and matching accessories. For example, a matching pair of wicker baskets or lamps. Throw in an oversize mirror as well, if you like. Mirrors give the illusion of depth in any space as well as open up a tight space.

  1. Style

Choose a theme or style that will captivate the person walking into your entryway. Themes set the tone and lend a space its originality. What’s better than introducing guests to your style by having a stunning entryway? Secondly, your entryway is the perfect place to define your style. A statement light fixture, for example, can give guests an idea of your home’s style.

  1. Color palette

I cannot overemphasize on choosing a color palette. Your wall color may depict the color of console, bench or vignette you may want to use. This will give it a pulled together look. For instance, the entire wall color of our house is cream – ugh! I don’t know why cream is always the safest choice of colors with landlords. Anyway, so I customized a brown bench to give the entryway an earthy yet natural feel. I also noticed that brown furniture set against a cream background, blends in pretty well.

You can opt to paint the entry way wall a different color from the adjoining rooms. This way, it sets apart the entryway space from the entire house.

  1. Personality

Give your entryway space a personality touch by adding pops of color or wall paper – this will show your playful side as well as add energy to the room. Consider throwing in unique flea market finds such as a vase or anything ornamental. Don’t be scared to add a plant to complete the equation. Additionally, go for a faux plant if you are not committed to taking care of a real plant. I think this was one of the best decisions I made when styling my entryway.

Secondly, add your favorite pieces of accessories to give the entryway a stunning look while being mindful of the rule of symmetry. Lastly, add a welcoming rug. This is an area that gets a lot of traffic and an inexpensive outdoor rug would be a good choice.

  1. Function

A stunning entryway can serve so many functions other than its aesthetic purpose. You can use wicker baskets to hide or store items such as toys, shoes, place keys on the console, or use a chest to store things that you do not need. A chest is a great piece of furniture if you are struggling with limited storage space in your home.

So how can you create an ambiance with a small entryway? While I was sourcing for some inspiration for styling my small entryway, I came across a number of lovely, stylish and stunning small entryway looks online but these 10 caught my eye and I just had to share them with you.

Pinterest worthy looks


styling a small entryway
Gather some throw pillows and place them on a bench and throw in a plant as well. Simple yet stylish.


Styling a small entryway
A bright pop of color always lends personality even to the tiniest spaces.


Styling a small entryway
Place a basket or two underneath your console for accessories and shoes.


Styling a small entryway
It’s surprising how minimal number of accessories can pull together such a stunning look.


Styling a small entryway
Set the entryway apart from the rest of the house with daring colors and textures.


Styling a small entryway
Invest in storage solution that’s both functional and appealing.


Styling a small entryway
Consider hanging a set of hooks directly above for hanging coats or handbags.


Styling a small entryway
Add drama to your small entryway space by opting for an intricate paint design.


Styling a small entryway
Green paired with warm wood details lends effortless style and character.


Styling a small entryway
When my entryway grows up, this is how I picture it to look like.


Coming home never looked so good with a well organized and clutter free entryway. If you keep your focus on comfort and style, then you are on your way to creating a functional yet stunning entryway. Do not let the size of your entryway put a damper on your ability to get creative. As you can see from the 10 different spaces, they pulled together accessories and furniture that blended well together to make the perfect entryway space for their home.

And guess what? You can do the same too. Keep in mind the 5 simple tips to consider before styling a small entryway and then stunt on them honey!

If you have a design tip related to styling small entryways, do not hesitate to share it in the comment section below. Sharing is caring people. I hope with these ideas you can now turn your non existent corridor/foyer/hallway/entryway into the grandest entrance of them all.

As always, keep it Manjano Zuri for interior styling tips and tricks. Remember to share the article, follow and like us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



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