Before & After: A small entryway goes glam with just an entryway bench. A modern and contemporary look.

So I am sure by now you are already caught up on my previous blog post about small entryways and how to make them look stunning and Pinterest worthy. If you missed it, read it here and get acquainted. Today, we’ll learn how to incorporate a small entryway bench for your space.

My entryway is small and can sometimes be non-existent – just like most entryways. I mean, you open the door and unceremoniously, without an apology, you are right inside the living room area. It can be tricky decorating such small spaces, however, with the right furniture and accessories; you should be able to curve out an entryway that is modern, functional and utmost stunning.

My inspiration came from Collectiveco’s Instagram page. She has this rustic bench at the foot of the bed that I immediately fell in love with and knew it would definitely work for my small entryway space.

I was torn between using a bench and a console. Both are great options; however, I was in possession of 3 throw pillows that I did not want to use anywhere else apart from the entryway. And of course, it would look very weird placing a throw pillow on a console.

First impressions matter, I therefore wanted the entry to my house, to be welcoming, functional while also reflecting my style. If you are not sure how to give your small entryway a modern look, an entryway bench is the best way to do it. An entryway bench can make a statement, elevate a space and act as a functional piece of furniture.

Entryway benches have also been used to achieve décor styles such as Farmhouse, Industrial and Coastal. Basically, a bench adds function to an entryway, providing extra seating space and storage area.

Accessories needed to glam a small entryway

  • Entryway bench
  • Throw pillows
  • Mirror
  • Floor lanterns – optional
  • Plant – optional
  • Rug – optional
  • Storage baskets




Small and narrow entryway
Before: This is how my entryway looked like – dull, narrow, non-existent and small.

So you should start by measuring where you want the entryway bench to be placed. If your entryway is like mine – that is the bench goes behind the door, be sure to leave enough space for the door to open wide easily without hitting the bench.

Small and narrow entryway
Before: A horizontal angle of my small entryway. This is where I placed the entryway bench.


The most challenging part of the entire process, was getting a bench that would perfectly fit. I wanted a bench that I could easily place throw pillows on as well as sit on when taking off my shoes. With that in mind, I measured against the floor tiles to get the width and height.

Entryway bench + throw pillows


How to glam a small entryway
My perfect small entryway bench


Get yourself a tape measure and measure across the floor tiles for the height and width as I did. Secondly, add some throw pillows on the bench for texture and beauty.

Throw pillows
Throw pillows as accessories for your entryway
Throw pillows are designed to spruce up any space


I had no clue how to mix and match my throw pillows. All I knew is that I wanted them to sit pretty at the entryway – don’t we all?

Thankfully, I came across an article on how to master the perfect pillow combinations and it was a great deal of help. The article clearly explains how to combine pillows according to size, texture and pattern.

Lanterns for some extra drama
Add lanterns for that instant drama.


With their so many uses both in and outside the home and often elaborate metalwork, lanterns add much needed interest and ambiance to any space.

Faux plant
Don’t be afraid to add some green to your small entryway


If you are afraid of taking care of a real plant like I am, then go the faux route. In fact, I have no regrets decking my small entryway with a faux plant – it is easy, gives the space a natural appeal and most of all convenient.

After: Final look

Small entryway bench
Final look for my small entryway.


And for the final look, I hung up a mirror that I had in storage for the longest time. I’d have loved to use an extra large round mirror but we work with what we have. Mirrors add depth to any space and amplify natural light.

As you can see, I have nothing placed under the entryway bench. This is the most ideal place for some extra storage. You can place matching baskets under the bench and use them to store or hide items such as shoes or toys.

I also haven’t added a rug yet since I am still trying to figure out the perfect woven rug that will go with my theme. Researching on decor items and accessories for my home help me to stay focused on my design goals and creates a consistent theme throughout the home.

In summary, I am absolutely loving the new setup of our small entryway. I am sure in time, I might be making a few changes to the space but so far, I’m glad how it turned out for such a small space.

Hopefully this space inspires you and gives you a few ideas for your home – especially if you are looking to glam a small entryway. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think. As always, keep it Manjano for all your interior styling needs and tips.

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