8 modern entryway decorating styles to update your home.

Entryways are the easiest spaces to decorate, right? Well on some levels, I think small entryways are easy to decorate. This is because they don’t really require a lot – 1, 2, 3 accessories and the right furniture that fits into the space and you are done. I previously decorated my small entryway and I had to subscribe to the theory of less is more because I was dealing with a very small space. Most apartments have this problem (small entryways), however it stops being a problem when you learn that you can make it work just by using a few accessories to decorate your modern entryway.

Modern entryway styles are more often than not about practicality and function – but when you inject your signature style in it, then the entryway goes from bland to glam. The entryway is the interior of your home and makes its first impression; therefore you may want to give your signature style. To make a memorable impact, I have narrowed down 8 amazing interior decorating styles that you can borrow ideas from to tailor to your own modern entryway this New Year.

1. Bohemian Entryway

Bohemian style entryway
Boho style provides a cohesive and rich look.

If you want your home, more so your entryway to be an extension of your personality, then bohemian design style is the one for you. This design style is unusual and unpredictable. You are free to use materials that are not new nor shiny. Items such as pillows, throws or rugs may have fringes on them. This is what gives the bohemian design style its signature look. Your guests will be dying with envy when they step into a modern entryway that exudes nothing but bohemian chic-ness.


2. Mid Century Modern Entryway

Modern entryway ideas
A little retro touch goes a long way.

Mid century modern design style is known to be extra. I am talking about, geometric lines, bold colored wallpaper, textural patterns and sensuous motifs. These are the qualities that make mid century modern a style to reckon with – and in this case, your entryway as well.


3. Contemporary Entryway

Modern entryway ideas
Clean lines and a striking profile.

Often, ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ are used interchangeably but should not be confused. While modern design style follows a specific movement and strict guidelines, contemporary on the other hand, is more lenient to breaking rules.


4. Farmhouse Entryway

Classic, comforting and yet simple.

Don’t let anyone fool you that farmhouse design style can’t be modern – it can. All you need to do is bridge the old and new, find a balance and update it with a modern eye for color, simplicity and design. This is a personal favorite modern entryway decorating style of mine and would love to incorporate it in our future home.


5. Coastal Entryway

White is the appropriate color for coastal style. The color white amplifies light rather than soaking it up.

The best thing about the coastal style, when done right, it can make a space feel like a beach house. Open space, abundant light, weathered wood and pale neutrals are some of the important things you need when designing a coastal entryway.


6. Minimalism Entryway

Functional and very easy on the eye.

When styling a minimalist entryway, abide by the ‘less is more’ theory. Keep it simple through out the styling process. When done well, minimalism design is warm and inviting and that’s the impression your entryway should give your guests.


7. Industrial Entryway

Modern entryway ideas
A celebration of raw and humble materials.

Industrial design style is all about mixing wood ,metal and stone. The idea behind this is to keep from feeling as though you live in a factory. Add some greenery to your entryway space to give it life, just like the entryway pictured above – another brilliant modern entryway idea.


8. Eclectic Entryway

Luxe and humble, playful and personal, with a bit of the old and the new.


To pull off this unique aesthetic in your entryway, make sure to mix textures. A great example is the modern entryway pictured above. The designer cleverly incorporated both rough and smooth textures to give a cohesive look. The designer also considered the layout of the furniture. Layout helps maintain a sense of comfort and gives the room a unified look.


Lastly, if you consider yourself to be more laid back than traditional, then these 8 decorating styles are perfect for your modern entryway.

So, what decorating style are you going to incorporate this New Year? Tell me in the comment section below! As usual, keep it Manjano, for all your interior home styling tips and tricks.

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8 modern entryway decorating ideas




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