A simple yet functional home office space; client project reveal.

We are back!! The spectacular before and after of a modern, simple yet functional home office space by the team at Manjano Zuri. The last 3 weeks have been a haze of lessons. By this I mean, patience, resilience and also constantly asking myself how badly do I want this.

My clients’ happen to be long time friends that I have known for 10 + years. You would think that the solid friendship would make it easier when working for them, right? Wrong! They are amazing people, don’t get me wrong. And they are amazing clients’ too, but get this, they literally are my first ever clients. So the pressure to deliver and not come off as an impostor was immense.

For this reason, I wasn’t about to let fear cripple me – creatively or professionally. One of my good friends always says that whenever things are not good, gather your thoughts and have a meeting with your mind. Yes with your mind! And that’s exactly what I did and the results were beautiful.


Different angle


Before office space reveal










Design Proposal – Mood boards

So the office was to be set up in the guest bedroom. They had space that was ideal for a simple yet functional home office. All it required was a desk, chair and shelves for storage.

simple yet functional home office
1st look


Simple yet functional home office
2nd look


Simple yet functional home office
3rd look


I came up with 3 design ideas that were ideal for the space. It was so much fun creating these mood boards. I was able to visualize myself in the room and mentally arrange the furniture to suit the space.

Approved look for the home office

The approved look for the home office to be.

So after further consultations with the clients, we settled on a look that was suitable for the space and also to their liking. They specifically chose this desk because it had a designated area to place the printer as well as drawers for extra storage.

Behind the scene

Craft in process


You will notice from the approved look in the final mood board, the desk is detachable. However, we decided to build one that was intact and came as one unit.


Isn’t she lovely?


After spending some time at the workshop overseeing this beauty, I have a new found love for wood and respect for carpentry.

Home Office Reveal

A simple yet functional home office


So my clients’ sent me the above picture and I am so happy to see that they are settling in well into their new home office space.


Functional furniture for a minimalist office space


Lastly, I took the photo below at the very beginning before styling begun, just to compare with the approved design look.

Simple yet functional home office
A perfect replica of the approved design.


I have to say nothing made my day like hearing from the clients’ that I delivered what they needed – I nailed the brief. It is safe to say that my 2019 is ending on a high note and I am totally in awe of my capability as an Interior Stylist. I am looking forward to many more projects and creatively discovering my potential on so many levels.

So what do you think of the space? Let me know in the comment section below and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, keep it Manjano, for all your interior styling needs and tips.




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