How to reclaim your home in the New Year after a breakup.

Happy New Year beautiful people!! This post will be a little different from the posts that I normally do. I was chatting with a very good friend of mine who asked me if I could talk about tackling new changes in the New Year. I didn’t want to come across as cliche` and write about New Year resolutions.

So this post is dedicated to those who went through a breakup/separation from their partner. It could have happened last year or beginning of this year and would like to reclaim your home this 2020. Whether you lived together or not, you definitely spent a significant amount of time at each other’s house.

There are things in your house or his house that remind you of each other and all you really need right now is take your mind off that and have a fresh new beginning. Well, here are 5 ways that you can reclaim your home after a breakup and get your groove back.

What to change;

  1. Paint the walls.

If you are not in a position to hire a painter, then don’t even stress about it. YouTube has made it so easy for people to learn new things without sitting in class. There are a lot of home decorating and painting tutorials on YouTube that would help you. This would be such a great way to discover or re-discover your creative self.

Reclaim your home after breakup
New look bedroom



Spare no wall. Paint them all.


     2.  Get new bedding.

The bedroom is an intimate and vulnerable space but also somewhere to rest, recharge and regroup. Establish a calm tone in your bedroom and get yourself a pair of new sheets. Pick out a new color scheme that exudes positive vibes and joy. Warm and neutral tones tend to have this effect. However, if you are adventurous enough to add color in your bedroom, then go for it. It’s all about you and the joy that your home brings as you reclaim it.

Reclaim your home after breakup
New sheets New life!



Neutrals and warm tones for the win.



    3. Sell what you don’t need.

If your partner left some of his or her furniture/stuff that they moved in with and they now don’t want it, then sell it and make quick change. Buy yourself a new couch if you must, or that dazzling chandelier that you’ve always wanted. Decluttering is a great way to reclaim your home after a breakup. Get rid of what you don’t need and make room for new stuff that you will get in the future.

Reclaim your home after breakup
Get that dazzling chandelier.


   4. Rearrange the furniture.

If moving out is not an option and you hate how your home looks like then simply rearrange the furniture. Try a new layout that will reflect your style and personality. If you are an expert in Feng Shui, this would be the best time to practice it. To learn more about Feng Shui, have a look at this article that I came across.

Declutter your space


   5. Accessorize.

Reclaim your home after a breakup by accessorizing. Most flea markets and garage sales have great affordable stuff, so that would be the first place to look for cool accessories. Add pops of color throughout the house, some throw pillows on your couch and bed to give your home a new face lift. You may also consider painting old furniture to give it a new look, for instance, the bedside night stands or dresser.

Reclaim your home with plants


Color dipped night stand


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Heal your heart by tossing out anything that triggers sorrow. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but you may want to borrow a leaf from Marie Kondo. If it sparks joy, keep it. If it brings pain, it belongs in the trash. Even when you keep that specific item that brings joy, look at it years later and reassess. 

Here’s to fresh starts, new beginnings and kicking ass! As always, keep it Manjano Zuri for all your interior styling needs and tips.

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