Have your clothes looking their best by hanging and folding in these crucial steps

Maximize closet storage space today. What to hang vs what to fold?

Determining what to hang and what to fold in our closets, can sometimes be a daunting task. Additionally, the life of our clothes really depends on how you store them.  The most important thing when you want to maximize closet storage space is to have an orderly storage system. Some look their best when hung, while others look their best when neatly folded.

Organizing your home can be a great source of therapy – particularly the bedroom closet. I have come to find so much joy in decluttering and having my clothes looking their best. I might just Marie Kondo our entire house by the time 2020 is over.

Maximizing on closet storage space can be a pain in the neck. The best way to go about it, is to simply tackle items one by one and items that are similar. For instance, sort out dresses on their own, blouses on their own, pants on their own and so on.

What a refreshing sight


Today, we will tackle folding and hanging. You may find that the reason your closet seems to run out of space, is simply due to poor organization.


A messy closet


Here are some great tips from Martha Stewart  and StyleCaster to help you have your clothes looking their best and maximize on closet storage space, even when working with the tightest of spaces.

What to hang to maximize on closet storage space:


Hang your blouses buttoned up


Blouses – Always keep the top button closed when hanging blouses. This helps to keep the collar intact.

Avoid creases/wrinkles by hanging your shirts


Shirts – Cotton or linen shirts tend not to crease/wrinkle when they are hung upon hangers. Additionally, keep the top button closed when hanging just like blouses.


Color coordinate your suits if you are feeling fancy


Jackets and Suits – Hang your jackets and suits on a curved suit hanger. It helps them maintain their shoulder shape.

Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Your scarf storage made easy


Scarves – Invest in a multi loop scarf hanger. Fold your scarf in half then hang in one of the many loops provided in the hanger.

Use padded hangers to store delicate dresses


Dresses – Dresses made from silk, satin, chiffon or any other delicate material should be hang using padded hangers.

You don’t have to cut your loops anymore


By show of hands, how many have cut the loops because you didn’t want them peeping through your underarms? I know I have. However, these loops were stitched to the dress for a reason.

The loops help to reduce the amount of stretch that can happen on the straps, which would eventually make the dress not fit properly anymore.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Use these hangers to hang both male and female dress pants


Trousers and dress pants – Dress pants are the fitted pants you wear to the office or at a corporate event. These kind of trousers and pants need to be hang by their waist or hem. To achieve this, you can use a hanger with clips. You’ll most likely find such hangers in a clothes/department store.

However, a normal hanger without clips can be used as well. Fold the trousers/pants in half and hang them over the hanger.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Tiered hangers are best for maximizing storage space


Skirts – Skirts work just like dress pants and trousers. Use a hanger with clips or a normal hanger to store them in your closet.

What to fold to maximize on closet storage space:


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Maximize your storage space by folding your jeans


Jeans (denim), khaki and casual pants – These are all stored by folding. If you want to get fancy, you can organize them by color or hem length. However, if you are tight on space, just stack them up on each other, with the ones you wear the most at the top.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
T-shirts look their best when folded


T-shirts -I really detest folding t-shirts because it feels like I take forever. However, there’s no better way to store your t-shirts other than folding them.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Neatly organized under garments


Socks, Bras & Under wears – Invest in a storage box that has multiple compartments where you can store all your socks, bras and under wears at once. You will find that you’ll be able to maximize on a lot of space when you store them folded and in one place.

For easy accessibility place your sock/bra and under wear storage box in the top drawer of your dresser or wardrobe. If you have no dresser or wardrobe, invest in a storage box that comes with a cover. That way, your inner garments stay hidden and away from dust.

Use a drawer divider to store your bras if possible. Lay your bras flat and molded bras are not to be folded. Molded bras usually keep their shape even after you take them off.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Plastic clothing container with several folded natural colored tights


Tights and Pantyhose (stockings) – Store your tights and pantyhose same way you store your socks but separate from each other. A storage box with compartments would be the most ideal way to store your tights and pantyhose collection.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Folded sweaters in storage


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
When you opt to hang your sweaters


Sweaters and anything knitted – There are 2 ways in which you can store your knit wear; folded or folded in half (shoulder to shoulder) and hung over a wooden hanger. Martha Stewart advises that when you hang your knit wear over a wooden hanger, place a piece of tissue paper in between them. The tissue paper helps prevent creases/wrinkles from setting in. You learn something new everyday.

Finally, you should also fold long evening gowns, particularly those with weighty ornaments on them. This is another genius tip from Martha Stewart. Apparently, hanging these type of gowns could distort their shape.

If you are up for a good challenge and want to take your folding skills to the next level, then you can use the KonMari method of folding. It works on jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, socks and under wears.

Choosing the right hanger:

Wooden hanger


Wooden hangers – They are best for hanging suits, jackets and coats.


Your everyday hanger


Plastic hangers – Plastic hangers are the most affordable to use in hanging clothes. Always check the quality and weight before buying. The weighty the hanger, the sturdier it is and won’t give easily.


For hanging those special occasion outfits


Padded hangers – These are used to hang those special outfits in your wardrobe like your wedding gown or a delicate knit wear.




Ideal for everyday use


Metal/ Wire hangers – They are strong and long lasting. Metal or wire hangers can be used in any type of closet/wardrobe. Just like plastic hangers, they are perfect for everyday use.


Ideal for hanging delicate clothing



Non-slip / Velvet hangers – They are best for hanging silky or delicate material, as well as strappy dresses.


Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Best space saving closet organizers


Multiple hangers – They are ideal for small and tight spaces in closets/wardrobes. The tiered hangers have loops to enable you to hang more than one item at once.  Multiple hangers are best for hanging scarves, belts, ties or even handbags.

When you are in the market for new hangers, selecting the right type of hanger will go a long way. Always consider the kind of material the hanger is made from. You may not know it, but a good quality hanger can extend the life of your clothes.

Believe it or not, but price and size are other options you should consider before buying hangers. We often overlook such things when we walk up straight to the hanger section in the super market and pick the first one you come across.

Pay attention to the price of the hanger and remember ‘cheap is expensive’. If you can, save up to invest in good quality hangers.

Buy hangers according to the size of your closet or wardrobe space. You may find, you only need 4 multiple hangers to do the trick or a pack of 5 plastic hangers.

What if I don’t have a closet or wardrobe?

If you do not have a closet of wardrobe, then consider investing in a coat stand just like the one below.

Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Where there is no wardrobe, a coat stand will do.


You can also store some of your clothes under your bed with the proper storage items such as wicker baskets or invest in a bed that has a trundle. Instead of having an extra mattress in the trundle, you can have pull out drawers for extra storage.

Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Maximize your storage space with a trundle bed


You can also invest in a stand alone dresser that has pull out drawers for maximum storage. With a dresser, you will be able to fold and store majority of the items that do not need hanging.

Hang or fold clothes to maximize on closet storage space
Best place to neatly organize folded items


In the end, the goal is to maximize on closet storage space – no matter the size. Gain control over your closet with an orderly storage system for your clothing.

Tell me in the comments below what plans you have in maximizing your closet storage space. 

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