Dorm Room Storage Hacks – 20 of the Very Best.

Dorm room storage hacks are essential for anyone staying on college campus or in a hostel or apartment off college campus. The basic college dorm rooms tend to be bland and quite uninspiring. There is little to no space and if you have a room mate, then it only gets worse. Everyone wants to be territorial and stingy with their space and to top it off, there is clutter everywhere.

So how can you breathe personality into your college dorm room? How can you and your room mate agree on space saving storage hacks?

Simple! We have come up with an insanely genius list that contains 20 simple but effective solutions to your storage problem. These necessities should be able to give you a functional room regardless of your living situation.

1. Closet Rack Organizer

Dorm Room Storage Hacks
Keep your clothes hidden in this ideal storage hack


Not all college dorm rooms come fitted with a wardrobe or closet. So get yourself a portable closet rack organizer such as this one here and forget all your troubles.

2. Plastic Drawers

Dorm Room Storage Hacks
Perfect for storing your clothing essentials and anything extra


These plastic drawers can be used to store extra bedding, clothing or any other necessities. They can be placed under the bed or bedside and used as a night stand.

3. Bedside Trolley

Dorm Room Storage Hack
Store your reading material in a trolley


With all the studying you’ll be doing at college, you need somewhere to store your books. What better way than a bedside trolley that’s easy to access even when laying in bed? And the good thing with a trolley, is you can move around the room with it.

4. Shoe Organizer

Store your shoes where you can see them


This hanging shoe organizer has pocket sleeves where you can store your shoes and other accessories and hang them on your closet door.

5. Cloth Hanging Shelf

Store away your clothes easily and efficient within your closet


This space saving organizer will help you store all your fold-able clothes vertically and when it is not in use, you can easily fold it up.

6. Storage Boxes

Fold your bedding and neatly store them in a storage box


Bedding can take up a lot of storage space when kept in a closet, so why not get a storage box where you can neatly store them in and comfortably hide under the bed.

7. Over the Door Storage Rack

Perfect organizer if you have a lot of purses


You are going to need so many bags in college and that will include cute purses to carry on nights out in the town. With all these bags, an over the door purse organizer will come in handy to store your purses horizontally. Don’t lose out on valuable dorm room storage hacks in your closet – hang this over your door and stay organized.

8. Over Bed Shelf Unit

Be creative and build a shelf unit over your bed


Put in some innovation and place a shelf unit over your bed for extra storage. Make sure the unit is sturdy enough not to come apart and fall on you while you sleep. You can hang your personal framed photos or anything of sentimental value on the shelf.

9. Snack Station

DIY college dorm room kitchen


There are days that you won’t feel like going to the dining hall/canteen to get your food. Create a small snack station in your room where you can easily cook up simple meals like noodles. With a shelf rack over your mini fridge, it will provide ample space to store all your dry foods and even have space for a microwave, toaster or coffee maker.

10. Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is a must-have accessory


Store your shower essentials, skincare and makeup products in a shower caddy that has multiple compartments. That way, you are able to access your essentials at once.

11. Desk Organizer

Keep your study desk clutter free with a desk organizer


A clutter free environment will make you more focused and productive. Use a desk organizer to store your writing materials within reach on your study desk.

12. Utility Hooks

Hang what you want using utility hooks.


When inspiration strikes, hang what you want using utility hooks – it could be your bath robe or towel. These hooks can be used inside cabinets or closets.

For me, hooks are like safety pins. You can never have enough and you never know when you might need them.

13. Drawer Storage Unit

Pull out drawers for extra storage


This is perfect for storing accessories or even rolled up t-shirts and it is suitable for any place where you prefer to organize items. You can use it to store your plates, cutlery and cups too.

14. Mirror

View your outfit with a full length mirror


Confirm that you look your best by viewing yourself on a full length mirror hung over your door. It’s perfect for applying makeup, doing your hair and getting ready for class.

15. Alarm Clock

Wake Up!


An alarm clock may not be the dorm room storage hack that you are looking for, but it comes in handy those early mornings you need to wake up and study and probably your phone is off.

16. Underwear Organizer

Keep your under garments hidden away in this simple storage organizer


Get an underwear organizer with a cover to keep away from dust and give your under garments some privacy.

17. Power Cable/ Extension Cable

You’ll never have enough power plugs.


You’ll probably have more than 5 electronic appliances at a go and not enough power plugs. Get an extension power cable to plug in your electronics.

18. Laundry Hamper

Store your dirty laundry in these hampers


You probably didn’t think you’d need a laundry hamper, did you? Well, your dirty clothes also need storage, so piling them on the floor won’t be a solution. Keep your room neat and tidy by folding your dirty clothes and placing them in a laundry hamper/basket.

19. Bed Risers

Lift your bed with these bed risers


Ever wonder how beds in college look so high or how you can easily rise a bed? Well, get yourself a pair of bed risers to make room for vertical storage under your bed.

Under bed storage made possible with bed risers


So this is how your bed will look like once it’s fitted with bed risers, pretty cool right?

20. Desk Lamp

Light up your late nights studying with a desk lamp


You may want to study late into the night or in the wee hours of the morning and switching on the light may wake up your room mate. Get a desk lamp that will help you see your notes as you read, without interfering your room mate’s sleep.

Finally, I hope you’ll be able to elevate your mood and relax in a clutter-free environment with these simple 20 dorm room storage hacks. You could also find some useful hacks and tips on how to maximize closet storage space from my previous post. Check it out here.

College is all about having new and great experiences in life, while discovering who you really are. Make most of your college life by having a well organized room that will keep you focused and productive.

These dorm room storage hacks are not limited to college life only, you can use them even after college when you get a place of your own.

As always, keep it Manjano for all your tips and tricks. Let me know how you’ll be organizing your dorm room or even your studio apartment with these hacks.

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