common interior design mistakes

12 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating Your Home.

Interior design mistakes are common and almost everyone makes them – even Interior Designers. We often start off well, with the best intentions, then somewhere along the way, things end up looking messy. Face it, we’ve all been there – heck I’ve been there too and learned the hard way. 

However, if you fail, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll end up spending forever trying to figure out what went wrong only to get discouraged and start thinking you can’t decorate your own home.  Second time’s a charm, therefore do your research to avoid making the same mistakes again.

So today we are going to go over 12 common interior design mistakes and how to avoid them. Bookmark these easy to follow tips if you can.

1. Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses

common interior design mistakes
Decorating to impress someone else is a big mistake…HUGE


We all want our homes to look nice, chic and classy. However, the pressure that comes with this is totally unnecessary and even worse, social media has us making aspirational lifestyle purchases. It’s one thing to desire nice looking things, but when it comes to your home, decorate it for yourself and family (if any). Do not decorate for a life you do not have with furniture you won’t use.

2. Splurging on Trends

common interior design mistakes
Good design always stands the test of time.


Darling, trends come and go. Do not fill your home with expensive, trendy furniture. When the trends don’t stand the test of time, you will end up changing everything in your home year in year out. Instead, try and focus on a trend that wholly represents who you are. That way, you will be happy with the home you have for a very long time.

3. Putting Furniture Against the Walls

Make your room conversational and cozy.


I was once a culprit of this dreadful mistake. I’d always push the couch all the way to the wall and with time, the couch formed a permanent line on the wall that had to be painted over. Make your room feel cozy by bringing your furniture away from the walls and try not to obstruct any entry ways.

4. Hanging Art Way Too High or Low

common interior design mistakes
Maintain eye level.


When you hang art too high or too low, it creates an awkward negative space. It can be such an eyesore. Avoid this common interior design mistake, by hanging art at eye level. Measure the wall and take into consideration that art should be hung 57 inches above the floor. 

5. Not Hanging Curtains High Enough or Too Low

Do your best to avoid this common mistake.


Fortunately curtains do not have to be hung at eye level like art. Nonetheless, they do need to be hung the right way. Start by buying curtains that are the right size for the space. For style, you may opt to lean towards a fabric that is not too busy. That way, the curtains can transition well with your furniture. But that is a personal style choice – not mandatory.

6. Picking the Wrong Rug Size

Rugs can make or break a space.


You’d be shocked to know just how many people buy rugs without proper measurements of their home. An area rug can make or break a space – get the right sized rug by measuring the space you plan to put your rug.

7. Painting Without Testing the Color

common interior design mistake
Custom match your paint with the furniture in the room.


A common interior design mistake that we often make is not testing paint samples before buying the paint. We end up hating the paint and having wasted time and money. Get paint samples/swatches from your local paint shop and if possible a small tin of your favorite paint color as well. Proceed to paint a small part of your wall and leave it to dry. Once this is done, you should be able to make a decision on what paint color to choose.

8. Not Measuring Your Space Before Buying Furniture

Always measure your space before buying furniture.


Most people accidentally end up buying furniture that does not fit their space. To avoid this mess, make a floor plan. Easily measure your space using a tape measure to get the right measurements. While at it, take into consideration the theme of your home.

9. Decorating All At Once

Don’t rush good design.


Please don’t go into debt buying furniture all at once for all the rooms in your home. Decorating a home takes time – and can sometimes be very pricey. Good things take time. Decorate your home at your own pace and within your budget.

10. Terrible Lighting Choices

Good lighting can create beautiful and functional spaces.


Most Interior Designers recommend 3 points of light in every room. However, given one’s home, sometimes this can seem to be unpractical. Going by the theme chosen for your home, whether Industrial or Farmhouse, get a light fixture that will blend well into the design of the room. Bear in mind that not all rooms need a lamp or a chandelier.

11. Over-accessorizing

When done right, accessorizing is an art.


While it’s important to give your home a personal touch with accessories, we often forget and go overboard while decorating. I like to subscribe to the theory, “less is more and more is less”. This theory helps to keep me grounded when decorating our home. 

12. Lack of Symmetry

Symmetry is always pleasing to the eye.


This is such a common interior design mistake in so many homes. A well designed room deserves some sort of symmetry. To achieve this, do a layout of the room – it does not have to be a perfectly drawn layout. Simply sketch how you picture your room to look and work out the balance of symmetry from there.

I could go on listing more interior design mistakes but these 12 topped the list and are the most common. Luckily, these common decorating mistakes are easy to fix – sometimes it’s as easy as enlisting the help of a friend with a keen eye for detail. 

Have you made any of these mistakes in your home? Let me know in the comment section below. Remember to stay indoors, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and sanitize. Let’s play our part in flattening the COVID-19 curve!

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