Decorating With Yellow? Believe It Or Not, You Can Actually Pull It Off.

Decorating with yellow can easily bring sunshine into your home. According to Verywell Mind, “yellow is a bright color that is often described as cheery and warm. It can be intense, which is perhaps why it can often invoke such strong feelings“.

For a very long time, I played it safe decorating our home with beige and grey colors. I was scared to use bright hues. Probably, because I had no idea how to do so.

I didn’t know I had an obsession with the color yellow until I recently started using accessories with pops of yellow. Something about it kept pulling me in. It’s safe to say yellow is now my favorite color – 2 years in a row. 

Image Source | Kaboom Pics

I get a feeling of warmth, positive energy and a sense of relaxation when decorating with yellow. For some of you, I know yellow would be too stimulating. I’d advise you to start small. Not only when decorating with yellow, but with any other bright color as well.

A simple way to start decorating with yellow would be to get flowers with yellow petals, place them in a vase and put them on display on your table. Or a bowl full of yellow fruit. This would help you get more comfortable with the idea of color in your home.

decorating with yellow
Image Source | KaboomPics
Image Source | Kaboom Pics

Decorating With Yellow – 5 Homes Too Hot to Handle!


decorating with yellow
Image Source | Melodrama

My love for Mid Century Modern design increased when I came across Krys Melo‘s instagram page. Her home oozes timeless beauty and color. Her use of color through out her home is subtle and inviting. If you are a fan of Mid Century Modern design, click here for her living room tour. 

Image Source | Melodrama

The accent chairs draw out the color yellow and add contrast to the space.


Image Source | DesignAddictMom

If you love color and would love to incorporate lots of it but don’t know how, then check out DesignAddictMom‘s instagram page for ideas. I love how she has used the best color combinations known to man. Her home tells a story with the color palette that has been used. This will definitely remove the jittery feeling you get when you see colors such as pink and orange side by side. 

Image | DesignAddictMom

The colorful wallpaper and yellow curtains make the nursery feel brighter, more open and welcoming.


decorating with yellow
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Lissi‘s blog is titled this girl loves color and you only need to visit both her blog and instagram page to understand why. There is no inch of her home that is not colorful, bright nor energetic. I love how she often takes risks in pushing boundaries when it comes to decorating with color. When you see how she has incorporated the use of color in her home, it will definitely give a rise to your confidence.

decorating with yellow
Image Source | Oxfordone

The yellow bookcase breaks the monotone set by the surrounding furniture and captures one’s attention from afar.

Grillo Designs

Image Source | Grillo Designs

Medina is a force to reckon with when it comes to DIY and her home is a reflection of that. She offers solutions to decor dilemmas especially for those living in rentals. We all know decorating a rental can limit one’s creativity because of the rules and regulations of the home owner. However, Medina figured a way to work around that in her own home and helps others do so too. Learn more about these genius techniques on her blog.

decorating with yellow
Image Source | Grillo Designs

I love how the mustard couch has been grounded by the wood tones present in the living room.


Image Source | Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley‘s choice of yellow bedding and a yellow mirror adds oodles of warmth and a dose of wood tones from the night stand and dresser. The bedroom lends a cozy and cheery vibe. You just can’t help but feel happy in this space with this color palette. Click here to see more.

Image Source | Coco.Kelley

Since yellow is associated with sunshine and flowers, its no surprise that it is an ideal color to use in  children’s bedrooms. 

Lastly, the beauty of color is that you can use it to highlight any interesting detail in your home. Therefore, don’t feel limited in using your creativity. 

What colors are you obsessing over right now? I hope this article will give you the confidence to incorporate color into your homes – even if it is not yellow. Let me know in the comment section below.

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decorating with yellow



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