Interior Designer vs Interior Stylist. Do we know the difference?

Do you know the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist? Many people use the two names interchangeably and I do not hold it against them. 

They sound like they do the same job and are one and the same. However, in today’s article, we’ll look at what makes these two distinct and yet unique at their own job.

What’s an Interior Designer?

difference between a designer and stylist
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An Interior Designer manipulates an empty space in almost any type of building, by creating a safe and functional space. They have a clear understanding of the building codes and the habits and practices of the people who are going to occupy that space.

difference between designer and stylist
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More often than not, Interior Designers work closely with architects. This is due to the fact that they are adept at environmental sustainability and structural considerations. In some countries, an Interior Designer needs a license and formal training. 

Interior Designers can also supervise during construction and oversee installation done by plumbers, electricians etc.

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Not only do Interior Designers deal with building plans but with furnishing and decor too. A designer will take you from the initial building stage down right up to styling your home.

What’s an Interior Stylist?

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An Interior Stylist is solely focused on the aesthetics of a home. By aesthetics we mean – paint, furniture, texture, decorative accessories and textiles.

They do not necessarily require formal training in Interior Design. However, possessing design skills such as rendering, sketching and modeling is an added advantage.

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Interior Stylists  often work for TV, magazines and photographers. Take for instance Sophie Robinson  whose career in interior design started off as an Interior Stylist at BBC Good Homes Magazine. Over the years, she has built her work and brand into a powerhouse and garnered a lot of experience that has led up to her being a judge on the popular interior design show, The Great Interior Design Challenge. Read more about her story here.

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In a nutshell

Unlike Interior Designers, Interior Stylists decorate but do not design.  They embellish spaces that already exist.

If their roles still seem confusing, then please keep this in mind:-

Hiring an Interior Designer would be your best bet assuming that you are looking to tear down walls in your home or in a building as a design project.

While an Interior Stylist would be your best hire if your design concern is purely aesthetic with no structural alterations to be done in a house or a building.

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Now that you know the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist, I hope this will make it easier when hiring either of the two.

If you still feel that you may need some more convincing particularly on hiring, check out my previous post here.

Let me know your sentiments below and stay safe guys!!

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difference between interior designer and interior stylist



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