A Dreamy Bed Canopy: My Bedroom Makeover.

A bed canopy was the furthest thing on my mind when I was thinking of ways to revamp my bedroom. I knew I wanted my new bedroom to be cozy, relaxing and inviting. However, even with beautiful propped up pillows, there was still something that was amiss.

bed canopy
Victorian vibes

You might be wondering, what is a bed canopy? Or why did I choose to make one? Well, bed canopies date as far back as the 16th century. They are somewhat similar to four poster beds. However, they are draped with decorative fabric on the upper space to create a canopy. On the sides, they have long flowing sheers that fall beautifully from the ceiling on all four sides of the bed.

Big and chunky


Read here for a little more history on bed canopies and the different types.

Why did I choose to make a bed canopy?

I don’t know about you but 2020, has been a year of very few highs for me. I kept yearning to be somewhere secluded just to think, meditate and pray. Without the luxury of going on a holiday to recharge at hand, I made my shower my meditation spot. I know most of you can relate to what I’m talking about. Long hot showers just talking to yourself, right?

bed canopy
Inside my queendom

So the idea of getting a bed canopy creeped up just when we moved from Mombasa last month. I had already started making plans to revamp my bedroom before the move and I was determined to finish what I started even if it would be next year.

For me, a bed canopy lends a feeling of warmth and privacy. While laying down, I am overcome by a peaceful, ambient feeling just staring at the sheers flowing beautifully from the ceiling on all 4 sides. No bad vibes can get to me while I’m inside my bed canopy. 

bed canopy
Quiet and private


With a bed canopy, I was able to create my personal sanctuary that I had longed for since the beginning of the year. It’s now become my favorite spot and whenever I wake up, I long to be back in bed again.

It might be the end of the year, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m glad I got the opportunity to make one when I had the time.


If you are anything like me, then you might want to bag yourself bed canopy curtains for your bedroom makeover.

bed canopy
Tied up

For people who do not like enclosed spaces and are claustrophobic, trust me, you can breath perfectly. There’s plenty of room within the bed canopy and the drapes do not touch you at all.

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