Balcony spaces have long stopped being used as storage spaces. Are you still using your balcony space to store that wet mop or muddy shoes? Well I am here to tell you that your balcony has potential to be a relaxing oasis. This also includes small balcony spaces. One of the most common balcony decor ideas are plants. You have the option to keep either real or faux plants on the balcony. I often gravitate towards faux plants because I have never taken care of a real plant. Furthermore, I honestly think I might kill a real plant by neglecting it. So a fake one is a safe choice - for me. There are several balcony ideas in Kenya and we are more than happy to highlight them here for you. You can also incorporate balcony decoration DIY. This would be your chance to show your creative side and shine. Balcony interior design starts from the inception of the layout. Once that is figured out, then we go right and plan how to decorate the balcony space. Balcony spaces can be used as reading nooks or a space to have brunch and drinks with friends and family. If your balcony is tiny, we will help you discover its potential with our gallery of small balcony decoration ideas. Balcony decor items that you can use are such as lanterns, fairy lights, rugs, large floor pillows etc etc. There's no better place to transform your outdoor space than the balcony. Keep it here for exciting tips and tricks.

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