Do you want to turn your bedroom into a private sanctuary? We have the details. From bedroom colors, ideas to furniture. We've got you covered. Bedrooms are where we lay our heads and forget all about our problems. Let your bedroom offer you an escape with our decorating guides, tips and tricks. We will cover inspiring bedroom ideas from what kind of bedroom furniture to use, design and bedroom decorative techniques. There are several factors to consider while designing and decorating a bedroom. One of these factors is light. Did you know the lighting in your bedroom can affect your sleep? Yes, it definitely can and we will show you how. Are you daring enough to paint your bedroom a dark and moody color? I promise you it won't be as scary as it sounds. Dark and moody colors bring excitement and drama to any space - especially the bedroom. However, if you are not a fan of dark and moody colors then you may want to try out wallpaper. The good thing with wallpaper is that it is not permanent. Therefore, you can replace it anytime and remove it when moving house. We have inspiring bedroom wallpaper ideas that will make you not want to ever use paint at all. Let's not forget about bedroom curtains. Just like lighting, bedroom curtains can dictate your sleep pattern. Curtains that don't obstruct outside light at night may keep you awake. Find out how the right bedroom curtains can help you get more rest at night in your slumber sanctuary.