When thinking about entryway decor, you not only want to make an impression, but you also want it to have a function. There are so many entryway ideas on how to decorate or even curve out an entryway where one does not exist. In this blog, we will show you all the above and dive in deeper on different styles you can use in your entryway. Benches and tables are some of the furniture you can use on your entryway. Some of you may be thinking, 'well how can I fit a whole bench or table in an entryway.' Don't worry about that, I will show you how. Of course the size of the space and furniture matters but once you've got that all figured then you are good to go. A beautiful entryway rug can make a lasting impression on your space. Be sure to include one if you have the space for it. The good thing about entryways, they serve as storage areas for many things such as shoes, toys, umbrellas etc etc. You just need to know how to store them in a discrete yet orderly manner to avoid turning your entryway into a store. I know many of us are guilty of this. Some people may opt for large pieces of furniture such as cabinets in the entryway and that's okay. As long as it is not blocking the entrance. Entryway storage benches that come with compartments are a best buy for storage. You are able to store many items at once making your space clutter free.


    8 modern entryway decorating styles to update your home.

    Entryways are the easiest spaces to decorate, right? Well on some levels, I think small entryways are easy to decorate. This is because they don’t really require a lot – 1, 2, 3 accessories and the right furniture that fits into the space and you are done. I previously decorated my small entryway and I had to subscribe to the theory of less is more because I was dealing with a very small space. Most apartments have this problem (small entryways), however it stops being a problem when you learn that you can make it work just by using a few accessories to decorate your modern entryway. Modern entryway styles…