Working from home has now become the new norm. For that reason, I am sure you won't want to be stuck in an office cubicle once you see the beautiful home office spaces we have in store. Our tips include home office design ideas for every budget. If square footage is a concern for you, then you need not worry. A home office desk will depend on your style, purpose and space as well. You can get home office desks in different designs - especially in Kenya. More often than before, furniture establishments are now stocking up on home office decorative accessories and home office furniture in Kenya. It's also important to take ergonomics into consideration. Ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. If your home office furniture is uncomfortable, then it will affect your work output. You may want that beautiful chair that's on sale at your favorite decor shop, but is it ergonomic? Ergonomic home office chairs are designed to make you comfortable while working. They also take care of your posture. Apart from name brand furniture stores, you can get home office desks in Nairobi from reputable fundis. Going this route will help you take part in customizing the home office design furniture that you want. There are home office designs for everyone. Therefore, even if you do not have the space to conjure one, we are here to give you clever tips on how to go about it. As much as you want your home office space to be appealing, keep in mind it must be practical too.


    A simple yet functional home office space; client project reveal.

    We are back!! The spectacular before and after of a modern, simple yet functional home office space by the team at Manjano Zuri. The last 3 weeks have been a haze of lessons. By this I mean, patience, resilience and also constantly asking myself how badly do I want this. My clients’ happen to be long time friends that I have known for 10 + years. You would think that the solid friendship would make it easier when working for them, right? Wrong! They are amazing people, don’t get me wrong. And they are amazing clients’ too, but get this, they literally are my first ever clients. So the pressure…