Are you dealing with a small or large living room? Does your current furniture not fit your living room space? Worry not. We've got you covered. Our articles detail everything that you need to know when decorating or re-modelling your living room space. From living room colors to living room designs. We have it all. Our gallery of living room ideas will give you a great starting point in decorating your space. We also have guides on what type of living room furniture best suits any space and how to place them. It's important to understand how furniture placement works in your space. You don't want to have furniture that doesn't fit into your space. Living room decor varies in style and personal touch. However, there are no rules that you cannot use any style in your living room decor. I would only urge you not to over do it. Unlike bedroom curtains, living room curtains do not have to block the outside light. However, you may want to take into consideration the pattern, color and texture of the rest of the furniture before buying living room curtains. If you do not like your current wall color and painting is not an option, then I'd advice you to go for wallpaper. There are several different types of living room wallpaper in the market. The advantage of wall paper is that it is not permanent and it allows room for creativity as well as playfulness. Don't be shy, get yourself living room wallpaper today and let your creativity shine.

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