Nursery decor has evolved over the years. Most of us can attest that we never slept in a nursery as a baby, but in our parents room instead. Nowadays, almost every household that has a baby, has a nursery. We have inspiring nursery decor ideas for both girls and boys. You may be wondering, what about twins? Of either sex? Wonder no more. We've got you covered on that too. You may also not want to go the traditional route of using pink color in the girl's nursery and blue color in the boy's. That's alright. Neutral color palettes in a nursery are equally as appealing as the pinks and the blues. You can also have pops of color in a neutral palette just to add some flair. Take into consideration what kind of nursery furniture is safe to use. Safety is paramount in a nursery. Therefore keeping stable and stationary furniture is of the utmost importance. The goal here is to avoid having an accident. I would advise subscribing to the theory of less is more when it comes it nursery furniture. Apart from safety, less furniture makes the space clutter free and does not restrict your movement. You can also put up a nursery in a multi-purpose room. For instance, a nursery in a home office, a nursery in a shared toddler bedroom or a nursery in the master bedroom. When you get it right, i.e the use of space, furniture, color palette and purpose of the space, then everything else falls in place.

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