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    Glam your kitchen in any of these 10 design styles.

    Most interior styling clients’ face the challenge of describing and defining their glam personal style. Reason being, not all of us are acquainted with interior styles and design. In basic Interior Design 101, there are an abundance of unique design styles and it can be unnerving to decrypt which style best suits you. Some people (myself included), prefer to mix the elements of several design styles to create their ideal look. I think it lends a space its personality.  I think it’s very important to walk a client through the various interior styles there are and explain to them what each one of them entails. This way, a client is…


    A wood and metal love affair; your Industrial style guide.

    When I hear of Industrial style, my mind automatically thinks of exposed pipes, brick walls, metallic accents, warehouses, great dark wood floors, large metal light fixtures; you get the picture, right? Seems very unflattering and unappealing to the human eye, but when correctly put together, industrial style is a marvelous feat. I love the raw, textured and unfinished feel it exudes. Everything seems so simple and shows no signs of disintegrating. So, what exactly makes these unfinished spaces so chic? Let me take you to school; Industrial Style History The Industrial Revolution which took place from the last three centuries, was a period during which predominantly agrarian, rural societies in…


    Mid Century Modern

    What rings in your mind when you hear Mid Century Modern style? For me it’s timeless, bold and daring. I mean who would have thought a design movement from roughly 1930s to 1960s would be so popular even in the 21st Century? It is not forced; it blends well with anything and everything; when done right, Mid Century Modern style is the Idris Elba of the décor world; everyone wants a piece of that! J There are 5 things that you should know about this style; Original mid-century modern pieces are freaking expensive most of the time. So instead of overspending on Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames pieces, get…